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Due to all that is going on currently, we are closed to OUTSIDE submissions as our staff handles the manuscripts under contract.

Submission Guidelines

ManLove Romance Press offers the highest quality stories to readers of gay erotic romance, what we call 'manlove' . Manlove includes the fine art of gay erotic stories written for the romantic-minded reader, for both men and women who find the fantasy of two - or more - gorgeous, intriguing men in love - or lust -thrilling and captivating. We believe in delivering every steamy moment of it.

Founded with a goal of bringing the finest to its discriminating readers, ManLove Romance Press publishes books that span the range of human experience and imagination, in past, present and future. We have new worlds, mysteries, vampires, ghosts and aliens that entertain and delight. We take readers on amazing adventures through the creative minds and skills of a select group of bright uniquely talented authors and artists. We're opening doors for readers and writers of gay erotic fiction.

Join us. Sample our stories. We have something for everyone. From lust-filled, stolen moment to long, lazy afternoons of lovemaking, we have the man-on-man romance you want, wrapped up in solid plots with heroes you can love with a passion - maybe even hate with a passion, but passion will always be a part of it. Our authors are skilled, award-winning and nominated storytellers who weave tales of mayhem, lust and love that set your heart pounding and your temperature rising. Erotic, explicit

and enticing novels filled with suggestive, seductive and downright sultry action.

Manlove. Read us. You know you want to. Go ahead. Reading is man's second favorite activity in bed. Feedback from readers is always welcome. Let us know what you want to see between our pages.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Readers can contact us at


ManLove Romance Press is open to all submissions in m/m erotic romance. We accept manuscripts with a word count between 10,000 and 120,000 words. Our books have a high level of sensuality and raw passion, and it's a form in which not all authors work comfortably. We publish authors who can maintain our chosen standard where plot is balanced with intimacy.

Query letters are accepted at .

Reading and following these guidelines can't guarantee acceptance for your story, but it will go a long way toward having your submission taken seriously.


ManLove Romance Press specializes in publishing male/male gay romance stories, most often in the erotic sub-genre. We make occasional exceptions for other types of extraordinary male/male storytelling - but those exceptions are rare.

Our readers enjoy a variety of genres in the male/male gay category: mysteries and suspense; paranormal and science fiction; historical, contemporary and futuristic; ghost or vampire; cowboy and urban; comedic or BDSM.

But, the genre isn't really an issue. What we want is what the readers want: a ripping good read, or a quiet moment to watch a new love blossom. If your story fills those bills, we want to see it. Our preference is for stories that are both erotic and romantic. The stories will have strong characterization with believable motivations. There will be a clear and involving love story, not merely a litany of sexual encounters. However, a significant portion of the story will be devoted to graphic and explicit sex scenes that further the plot, the romance and the character development. Very important to readers of romance is an emotionally satisfying ending that is, if not Happily Ever After, at least Happily for Now.

After you've taken these elements into consideration, show us what you can do. Shibari and Kinbaku-bi? Go for it. Leather? De-lish. Loving BDSM? A favorite among readers. And, what about wax play? Light it up!


We're not alone among publishers of erotic romance in saying that there's some story-telling that we just don't want to see. Check with other publishers' guidelines if you must, but among reputable presses there are prohibitions against these elements in a story:

Non-consensual sex or incest present ed to titillate the reader - although both are a fact of life and shouldn't be rejected as a plot element if they add to motivation an d character development;

Underage sex presented in a positive light or on the page, 'though it may figure in plot;

Content that demeans identifiable groups, 'though hate is also a part of life and overcoming it can be a strong motivator;

Bodily functions in the nature of-but not limited to-golden showers or scat;

Necrophilia ('though the very frisky undead don't count);

Bestiality - offwordly and were-creatures have their attractions in shifted form, but the poodle and the Clydesdale are off limits.


Your submission will have three parts: a cover letter, a synopsis, and a full manuscript. We accept manuscripts between 10,000 and 120,000 words. Each and every one of these items should be proofread and spell-checked. If you haven't shown that much respect for your presentation, you can't expect us to take it seriously either.

The letter: In your cover letter, include your real name, your pen name (if any), your contact information, and a summary of your writing or publishing experience. (If you're a first-time author, say so. We won't hold it against you. All our authors had a first time.) Point us to your promotional website, if you have one. Tell us, for instance, to which writers' organization you belong or in which writing contests you earned a prize or mention. Describe why you think your story should interest

ManLove Romance Press and its readers.

The synopsis: Give us a synopsis of your story. You might open it with brief descriptions of the major characters. Then, in from one to three pages, detail the significant action in the story. A synopsis is not a blurb. Don't end the synopsis with a blurb-style teaser. Can Jack save Ben from the forces that threaten to tear their world apart? Word of advice: A coy conclusion to the synopsis is a guaranteed way to create a cranky editor. We need to know the story. All of it. Including the ending.

The full manuscript: The final component is the story itself. We'd prefer to see the full manuscript.

While ManLove Romance is first a publisher of M/M erotic romance, we do consider other stories of gay love. We even consider well researched and supported gay-themed nonfiction. But, our criteria for acceptance remain high.

Send the cover letter, synopsis and manuscript to



Frankly, we don't much care about formatting, except that we can accept only Word (.doc, .docx or .rtf) files or Open Office (.odt) files. Also, don't use orange six-point sans serif text on yellow.


Please don't submit your manuscript to ManLove Romance Press if you're offering the same file to another publisher at the same time. We answer each submission within ninety days of your submission. If you haven't heard from us by then, send a polite note to inquire about the status of your manuscript. We will return without comment the manuscript of an author who withdraws a manuscript that has been submitted elsewhere at the same time.


ManLove Romance Press tries to respond to every author within ninety days of the date of submission. We do not use form letters to reply. Each submission gets a thorough reading and the senior editor writes an individual evaluation. That kind of attention takes time. Even if your manuscript isn't suitable for ManLove Romance Press, you'll have a professional evaluation in hand to help you improve your story. If ManLove Romance Press declines your manuscript, don't take it personally. We might think your story is very good. But, if we don't have readers who buy your kind of story, it's not fair to you or ManLove Romance Press to go to publication. Seek the best market and publisher for your story.


If your story is accepted for publication with ManLove Romance Press, the publisher will contact you with details of MLR's offer, including information about rights and royalties. ManLove Romance Press does not charge authors to publish their works. Quite the opposite, ManLove Romance Press is a royalty -paying publishing house. Our titles are carried in such outlets as Barnes & Noble, Amazon and independent bookstores worldwide


ManLove Romance Press offers an optional cooperative scheme for promotions and advertising that can extend your reach into the market. Each year, the publisher and other staff select a strategic handful of publishing and romance events at which they sponsor events. Authors are welcome to join them at these events. Additionally, the publisher tries to alert authors to online events and forums in which they may participate to promote their work.


Having your story accepted doesn't mean that it goes to the printer with every precious word appearing just as you wrote it. We have a staff of story editors, line editors, proofreaders and artists who will all take a crack at helping you tell an even better story. If it's your first experience with publishing, you should know that the story editor has the final say about whether or not your book is ready to go to press. Work with your editors. They probably have a lot more publishing (and even writing) experience than you do. We really do want you to succeed.