New Heat Ratings

Zero: No sexual content and/or mild romantic elements.

Mild: Mild sensuality, mild heat, occasional love scene, no graphic euphemisms.

Moderate: Moderate sensuality, moderate heat, increased frequency of love scenes, more graphic language.

Graphic: High level of sensuality, detailed love scenes, graphic description of anatomy and of sexual acts.

Extreme: Intense or extreme erotic scenes and/or language.

All release dates posted are approximate goals. MLR Press is an author-centric press and we publish to an occasionally fluid timetable. Please bear with us. Creativity has its own elusive schedule!

Upcoming Releases

Slow Dance
Orgasmic Texas Dawn Series #3
By A.J. Llewellyn
D.J. Manly


U.S. Marshal Jubilee Mason is separated from his lover, Canadian detective Kieran Fox, who goes undercover in his home country infiltrating a violent drug ring. Jubilee worries about Kieran, knowing how he throws himself into his undercover assignments, but this one almost destroys Kieran.

Meanwhile, back in Lone Trail, Jubilee is on the hunt for one of the U.S. Marshal's most wanted men, a former detective who murdered his wife and has been seen in an unlikely place--a brothel--by an even more an unlikely witness: Dillon dePriest, the newly installed, happily married sheriff of Lone Trail.

Will Jubilee and Kieran successfully navigate the shocking and often-dangerous twists and turns of their individual investigations and find their way back into each other's arms?

Due Out 03/2017

Demon Prince
By S.J. Frost


A prince of demons and a prince of vampires are drawn together, but if they're going to live eternally together, they must overcome the challenges and enemies before them.

As a prince of demons, Sytri's existence has been for one thing, power. He's gained that in the demon realm, but his pursuit of it cost him something far greater...something he didn't realize the value of until it was gone. When he first met vampire prince, Basil Warrick, in an instant he saw--and desired--to have once again all that he'd lost; friendship,

Basil has lived for more than three hundred years, and quietly carries the scars left by the vampire who turned him. Connecting with others has never been easy for him, but Sy's sensual charm is more than he can resist. He knows Sy's history of betrayal, and the demon is exactly what he shouldn't want in his life, and yet, Sy is /all/he wants.

The return of an old enemy of Basil's brings painful memories and danger to him, and a new enemy of Sy's threatens to take away what he's gaining in his life. If their lives are to be eternally bound, the two princes must overcome the threats and challenges before them.

Due Out 03/2017

Smart Alex
Scarcity Sanctuary Series
By AKM Miles


Gay wannabe, Smart Fallon, goes to college he gets to see what true love looks like and, after a horrible event, he finds it for himself.

Smart Fallon desperately wanted out of the closet. It was the move to higher education and the big city that saved him. His meeting and friendship with Tommy and Mike showed him exactly what he wanted. Now would he ever find his own love? He was a virgin, a self-professed gay wannabe.

A horrible event would bring him face to face with his future. Alex was everything he had been looking for all his life. They would end up working together to not only build their own relationship, but to help Tommy and Mike repair theirs.

This title is a re-release.

Due Out 04/2017

The Price of Secrets
Web Secrets #2
By Terry Poole


Kelly must rescue his fiance Nathan when he is kidnapped by the wife of a drug lord out to exact revenge for Kelly accidently killing her son during a drug bust.

An old FBI case of Kelly's returns with a vengeance. The traumatic case that nearly ended his life left him with both physical and deep emotional scars. Kelly needs to finally conquer his inner demons when Nathan, his fiance, is kidnapped by the wife of a drug lord and used as bait to bring Kelly to her.

With little time left, Kelly must assemble a highly-specialized team to rescue the love of his life from a drug lord's compound in the remote jungles of Columbia. Nathan's life hangs in the balance as the mother of a murdered child fulfills her plans to exact revenge upon Kelly for accidently killing her son during the drug bust a year ago.

Unexpected treachery and betrayal follow them until not only their lives but the lives of their entire family are threatened.

Due Out 04/2017

Trust No One
By Shawn Bailey


Money can't buy love or happiness, but it can get you a one-way ticket out of a bad situation.

Taylor Fields has nothing going on in his life. He works a dead end job in a bookstore, he doesn't have very many friends, and the only living relative he has is his uncle Louie, a womanizing, drug-taking alcoholic who treats Taylor like his personal bank account. Then one day Taylor wins a billion dollars in the Florida State lottery and Uncle Louie wants a share of it. Taylor, who has a fear of flying, cashes in the ticket, and gets on the first thing leaving, Miami...a plane to South Korea.

Jace Vandersmith is a wealthy and cosmetologist who does a lot of traveling. He meets Taylor Fields at the airport and he wants to get to know him better. Taylor is shy, handsome and inexperience in life...something Jace thrives isn't. Instead of making Taylor another notch in his bedpost he falls in love with him.

Due Out 04/2017

By Vivien Dean


Finding a gorgeous, unconscious vampire gives ex-Marine Max a new purpose in life.

Sutter is a vampire on the run. After barely escaping the hunter sent after him, he makes it all the way to Oregon before the approaching sunrise forces him to stop. He only intends to rest until dusk, but that plan falls apart when he's found passed out on the bathroom floor.

Ex-Marine Max Rowell hasn't had a purpose in life since coming home from the Gulf. Drifting through the days, he discovers an unconscious guy who looks like an angel but has clearly been through hell and finds new purpose.

Max isn't letting Sutter go anywhere until he's healed, but Sutter needs more than a warm bedside manner to get stronger. Though they strike a deal, the clock is ticking. Sooner or later, Sutter will need to run again, or risk putting Max's life on the line when Sutter's past catches up to him...

Due Out 04/2017

A Raging Fire
The White Pine Firefighters #3
By Adam Carpenter


Sexy hunk Joey Silva takes center stage, as he comes to White Pine as the temporary fire captain, only to find his own sense of sex and love questioned by a new arrival with a mysterious past.

Joey Silva is strong, sexual, a hairy hunk powered by his unquenchable sex drive as much by his passion for fighting fires. Arriving as the newly named Deputy Chief of the White Pine Fire Department, Joey is trying to prove he's worthy of this important job. Sex should be the last thing on his mind. But one man, a young, impressionable volunteer named Gil Keane cannot hide his obvious attraction to the burly Joey. Yet it is another man, quiet newcomer Nick Lynch who commands Joey's attention, even as the man's past remains cloaked in mystery.

These three men find themselves linked by attraction, by temptations that threaten to undo them, by what they want and what they cannot have. As a bitterly cold winter falls on White Pine, placing the residents of this isolated Adirondack town in danger, a series of unrelated fires will forever connect them, until finally their own raging passions explode. But it's a devastating secret that, when exposed, will ultimately decide their fates.

Due Out 04/2017

The Vampire and the M.D.
The Vampire and ... #3
By J.P. Bowie


When Dr. Blake Farnon hits a shadowy figure with his car, he is astounded when the man almost instantaneously recovers from the accident. But Daniel Vale is no ordinary man, as Blake soon discovers. Daniel is Vampire, and not only that, works for the US government in a secret department of the FBI.

At first wary of the undeniably handsome vampire, Blake cannot resist Daniel's allure for long. From the moment Daniel shows up at Blake's apartment with a poisoned silver sword imbedded in his side, Blake is hurled into an adventure he never dreamed he would be a part of.

Demons, ancient gods and a vindictive goddess determined to tear apart the fragile fabric of world peace after the Middle East War, can only be stopped by other supernatural beings--vampires. And Blake finds himself caught up in the fight, whether he wants to be or not. Can his fledging relationship with Daniel possibly survive? He'd thought it crazy enough he'd fallen for a vampire, but the rest of it? What would his mother say?

Due Out 04/2017

How We Operate
By A.R. Moler


What if you had to do surgery on the one you love?

Chris Kearney is a surgeon working the Emergency Room at a large hospital near the bad part of the city. After operating on and losing a teenaged patient, he runs into Drew Hayden, an undercover vice cop. The two men connect over the kid who tried to get out of gang lifestyle. When they run into each other at the grocery store, they are more than happy to find that neither of them had read the signals wrong.

It's hard for a cop and a doctor, especially an undercover cop and a trauma surgeon, to find time to meet and do all the things a burgeoning relationship requires. Somehow Chris and Drew manage. Their lives are full and sometimes difficult. Will they get through the traumas and troubles of the first year and a half of their relationship? And, when they get there, what will the other side look like?

Due Out 04/2017