New Heat Ratings

Zero: No sexual content and/or mild romantic elements.

Mild: Mild sensuality, mild heat, occasional love scene, no graphic euphemisms.

Moderate: Moderate sensuality, moderate heat, increased frequency of love scenes, more graphic language.

Graphic: High level of sensuality, detailed love scenes, graphic description of anatomy and of sexual acts.

Extreme: Intense or extreme erotic scenes and/or language.

All release dates posted are approximate goals. MLR Press is an author-centric press and we publish to an occasionally fluid timetable. Please bear with us. Creativity has its own elusive schedule!

Upcoming Releases

Cruising Adventures
By Nicole Dennis

Gifted a cruise by his office partners, Doctor Connor MacKenzie didn't expect to be proposition and seduce while steaming away from the Florida coastline. Only that is exactly what happens when he meets gorgeous cyclist, Nathaniel Grant.

Agreeing to a steamy fling for the duration of the cruise, with no mention of last names or pasts, they enjoy one another. From Connor's lavish suite, throughout the LGBTQA festivities, when Connor becomes a drag queen's pageant escort, a foray in the gambling hall, and the elegant Captain's dinner.

Still, reality whittles its ugly way into their bliss. Can there be a life for them beyond the ship?

Due Out 08/2018

Island Desires
By Adam Carpenter


A Wall Street executive flies too close to the sun and falls hard, only to land at the exclusive gay resort, Icarus, where passions flare, and where he might just find his lost soul.

Chris Dalton is at the top of his game, a cut-throat stockbroker who has just secured a major account. But his sexual celebration goes awry, and suddenly Chris is thrown into the midst of a gay scandal which may cost him everything. Exiled from his company, his friend Tanner Fox suggests they escape New York until the heat dies down…but little does Chris know, the temperature is about to boil over.

Seeking refuge at the gay resort, Icarus, located on a private island in the Caribbean, Chris finds himself questioning his confidence, even as the irrepressible and constantly horny, hairy Tanner welcomes man after man into their deluxe suite. Several men will intrigue Chris and feed his desires, but only one man can release Chris from the hold his past has over him.

Ben Lodge is rich and powerful and fueled by his sexual fetish, and it is he who will challenge Chris’s ultimate motivation, not just in life, but also in the pleasures of the flesh. He also may just hold the secret for Chris to reclaim the life he left behind. Awash with steamy days and sultry nights, ISLAND DESIRES is a feast for Adam Carpenter fans.

Due Out 08/2018

Challenge Me
By Kris Jacen

Briar Mason joined the Army to find himself after he believed the lies that had gone around about his best friend, Carter, and his sister. He should have known that Carter wouldn't do those things but family was family, right? He'll find out who his real family is when he's injured and sent back to the states.

Not-telling-you-my-first-name Randolph was about to hit ten years in the Army and had some amazing assignments but one had eluded him until now – Ranger School. Coming from being assigned to the Presidential Salute Battery was going to be the best thing for him since training was emphasized. Should be easy, right?

Briar and Randolph met when Briar had stopped to apologize to Carter and Randolph was in full-on protective mode. Can these two find a middle ground while challenging themselves and each other to be better?

Due Out 08/2018